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City of Chicago Taxicab Question Paper Chicago Taxi Exam Rules and Regulation
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    Chicago Public Chauffeur Training guide manual

    Chicago Public Limoousine Training guide manual

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Taxi Exam Question Paper Limo Exam Question Paper
Taxi drivers and chauffeurs drive people to and from the places they need to go, such as homes, workplaces, airports, and shopping centers. They must know their way around a city to take both residents and visitors to their destinations. They can make upto $350 to $450 per day.
How to become a Taxi driver or Chauffeur:
Most taxi drivers and chauffeurs go through a brief training period. Many states require them to get a taxi or limousine license.
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The # 1 reason people Fail again and again in Public Chauffeur Exam is not to know what will come in exam and secondly you are only given the score not the results. Conclusion, you can never know how you did on the exam and more likely to fail again.
If the applicant fails the exam three times after having re-taken the Public Chauffeur Training Course, the applicant may not attempt to apply for a license until three (3) years have passed since the last exam taken.


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